Mothers Day Special :) Rose Petal Ice Cream

Growing up, cooking was an incredible source of connection between Myself and my Mother. As Mother’s Day rolls around, I’m always left thinking about the recipes I grew up on and how closely tied to memory those flavors are.This year, I wanted to celebrate mothers day everywhere by putting together a roundup of incredible recipe that are perfect for Mother’s Day. So when I wanted to make something in honor of my mom this year for Mother’s Day, I decided to think more along the lines of healing food with nourishing, gut and healing scoop! My mom loves ice cream. She eats it all year round and I always thought she was crazy for it 🙂

There are many words I could use to describe my Mum – kind, knowledge-seeking, self-contained, introverted, stubborn, independent, fit, loyal,lovely they are all true. But, the one that resonates most for me is ‘constant’. My Mum has always been in my corner, no matter what. I love her most for that.Its the special dish that bring back fond family memories for Taste of Home.This elegant and enticing brunch is perfect for celebrating Mothers Day – This one goes for you Mom ! Love You 🙂  Continue reading “Mothers Day Special 🙂 Rose Petal Ice Cream”

Blogger Recognition Award

I am so honoured to be linked into a blogger appreciation award . Nisha from InspireN   nominated me for the “Blogger Recognition Award”. She is one of the most genuine and lovely healthy  ‘foody’ lifestyle bloggers out there. Go check her out! This means so much to me and I feel so blessed that someone recognized all the hard work and time that I’ve been putting into this blog.

This award comes as a motivation and inspiration to me for keep blogging and sharing some delicious food recipes to my readers. I am sure you will also want some sort of recognition for the hard work you put behind making a blog. So here I thank the unknown person who started this amazing intiative to inspire more people into blogging. Thank you . Now I would like to explain the rules for “Blogger Recognition Award”  Continue reading “Blogger Recognition Award”

White Sauce

White sauce made from flour, butter and milk. It is one of the main sauces of French cuisine, often used as a base for other  sauce with cheese. It is one of the best sauces which are used to make variety of different sauces.  It can also be a base for other kinds of gravy dishes. Continue reading “White Sauce”

Marinara Sauce

Homemade Marinara Sauce is quick and rather easy to make, and tastes immensely better than the store bought one. What’s more, it can be stored and used in everything, starting from pizzas  base. The sauce is also great considering how much our children are used to enjoying fast food, which can now be prepared at home, and is healthy and nutritious. Continue reading “Marinara Sauce”

Green Mayonnaise

As much as we love eating salads, quickly made sandwiches and give incredible importance to their filling, my gut always tells me that the kind of dressings or spreads that we use for preparing them are equally important. Especially, with the onset of summer when one feels like relishing something filling yet light and juicy, dressing and spreads bring around a fresh change and leave you wanting for more. Perfect for summer and for its seasonal delicacies, Green Mayonnaise is a yummilicious mix of fresh herbs, creamy mayonnaise that can be used as a dip or a spread. To grant a fresh dash of flavour to this dip, while mixing up mayonnaise and all the herbs, you could also pour a squeeze of lemon and trust me, awesome results are guaranteed!  Continue reading “Green Mayonnaise”

Cranberry Pickle

This is one of the best way to use the fresh cranberries. This will get over in no time. You may have to make extra batches so that it lasts till the next cranberry season .This pickle can also be used as an ingredient in Pickle. Continue reading “Cranberry Pickle”

100 + Followers

Hello Readers and my Fellow Bloggers, here I am sharing this post to celebrate my joy of crossing 100 follower mark. I have reached a small mile-stone. I started this blog with an idea of sharing some delicious recipes. Along the way i made some new friends, learnt some new things about blogging and most importantly made a wonderful blog. Continue reading “100 + Followers”