Gujarati Kadhi |Yogurt Soup

This beautiful city just got more beautiful following the past few days of rains! Monsoons in the city are magnificent!

We invited Get Ahead readers to share rainy season recipes with us. Pakoras, samosas,soups and every other kind of tasty preparation that has you smacking your lips during the monsoons. We’ve been flooded with responses and as part of an ongoing series, present recipe that you can make this season.

Kadhi is a traditional gujarati preparation of a wonderful sweet and spicy buttermilk mixture thickened with gram flour.Remember never to boil the kadhi on a high flame as it tends to curdle. Gujarati kadhi goes very well with khichdi.

Combine some good food with this weather and you will for sure have a smile on your face. I would love to know about your favorite monsoon food and food stories. Tell me what you are cooking this monsoon. So lets get started and as I end, giving you some of the Monsoon specials to try on: 

Ingredients :


  • 1 cup fresh curd
  • 2 to 2 and half cups water
  • 4 tablespoons gram flour
  • 1 tablespoon jaggery, add more as per your taste
  • salt as required
  • coriander leaves for garnishing


  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • cloves
  • 1 sprig curry leaves
  •  pinch asafoetida
  • 2 broken red chilies
  • ½ teaspoon cumin seeds
  • ½ teaspoon mustard seeds
  • 1 tablespoon ghee.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Method :

  1. Mix the chickpea flour ,yogurt,  and salt with water.

  2. Beat to a smooth mixture.
  3. Fry all the ingredients meant for tempering.
  4. Add the yogurt water mixture.
  5. Give a boil first and then simmer for 5 minutes more or as required and continue to stir in between to avoid lumps from getting formed.

  6. Garnish kadhi with chopped coriander and serve hot gujarati kadhi with khichdi .


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Patra is sure to take your taste buds on a roller coaster ride! It is sweet, spicy and salty—all at the same time. Here, nutritious and tasty colocasia leaves are stuffed with a spicy mixture.

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Blog-Aholic Award

Hello everyone ! I’m back with another award. It’s unbelievable that I am getting back to back awards and I’m thankful for it! I’m very honoured to announce that I’ve been nominated for the ” Blog-Aholic Award “ by Kate. I want to start off this post by thanking the lovely lady kate for nominating me for this fantastic award ! If you are just as obsessed with Travelling as kate  than you should definitely go and check out her blog!An american girl you will surely love it ! 🙂 Continue reading “Blog-Aholic Award”

How make Jain Tomato Sauce & Preserve.

Being Jain Basically, onions and garlics are avoided (although i am not following it strickly in context to food ) but yet my this recipe excludes Onion and Garlic .I always prefer ” NO Onion No Garlic”  sauce.

Miki, my brother loves tomato sauce…he needs sauce for bread rolls, cutlets, samosas, puffs, pizzas etc etc…..and that’s how I started  making homemade sauce….I think it was way back in 2000 that I started making “Pickles, Chutneys, And Preserves” and got hooked to simple homemade Tomato Sauce recipe. Since Miki, cannot do without sauce and I did not want to pump him with store brought sauce with all the preservatives, colours, emulsifiers. I follow my recipe completely and Miki always says this taste better than store brought ones….! So come and lets get started 🙂 Continue reading “How make Jain Tomato Sauce & Preserve.”

Cherry Ice Cream

This fresh and healthy chocolate cherry ice cream recipe is perfectly satisfying to those who want a healthy ice cream and those who have a sweet tooth! Cherries + dark chocolate is always a winning pair.I have made it using simple ingredients that come together making a quick and easy soft serve to enjoy during the summer months or any time during the year. Gather some of the cherries, freeze some bananas and get your chocolate ready…all in the name of good health and a tasty treat that you will enjoy time and time again. Eating healthy and cruelty free is as delicious as can be! 

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Awesome Blogger Award

A couple of weeks ago I was nominated for the awesome blogger award. I am very honored. I’m really humbled that  my fellow blogger Maria has nominated me. Her writing is thought-provoking, powerful, and she writes from the heart. She is a food & fashion blogger. A truly creative writer ! I am so  happy and honored to be nominated for the “#Awesome Blogger Award ” by an amazing, energetic and enthusiastic blogger  Maria from The Fashionista Cook I am so grateful and thank her for honoring me with such a nice gesture. Do checkout her blog and give it a follow if you are not already doing so , you will absolutely love it! Thank you again for the nomination! 🙂

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Mawa Kulfi

A sweet Indian ice-cream made from milk, sugar, cardamom and dry fruits (no condensed milk recipe). This is a best Indian dessert that kids love in hot summer days. Instead of buying ready made stuff which has artificial flavoring agent, follow this simple recipe and make kulfi at home with pure organic flavors.

Let me share a simplest recipe of making delicious & delightful malai kulfi. Kulfi is an Indian milk ice-creamy dessert made from reduced milk and flavoring agent. It is different then the usual ice-cream. While ice cream is frozen while whipping making it creamier, kulfi is simply frozen without whipping making it solid denser frozen dessert. 🙂

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Khoya recipe is one of the easiest dish to prepare but it is labour intensive. 🙂 You do require a lot patience to allow the milk to thicken with no moisture left. Khoya is pronounced differently in different parts of the country. Down South, khoya in telugu is ‘kova’ or ‘khoa, khoya in tamil, kannada and malayalam is also ‘kova’ and another name for khoya in hindi is mawa especially in western states of India like Rajasthan.

The main and only ingredient to make khoya recipe is full fat milk. Unsweetened khoya is nothing but thick milk solids that are formed by boiling and stirring milk on low flame for a long duration of time. Usually a liter of milk will take more than 2 hours to transform into khoya or mawa. There are three different textures of khoya according to the moisture content that it contains. Khoya in its softest state, with maximum moisture and loose consistency. So lets get started .. 🙂  Continue reading “How to make Mawa / Khoya ( Dried whole milk or Thickened Milk )”

Mothers Day Special :) Rose Petal Ice Cream

Growing up, cooking was an incredible source of connection between Myself and my Mother. As Mother’s Day rolls around, I’m always left thinking about the recipes I grew up on and how closely tied to memory those flavors are.This year, I wanted to celebrate mothers day everywhere by putting together a roundup of incredible recipe that are perfect for Mother’s Day. So when I wanted to make something in honor of my mom this year for Mother’s Day, I decided to think more along the lines of healing food with nourishing, gut and healing scoop! My mom loves ice cream. She eats it all year round and I always thought she was crazy for it 🙂

There are many words I could use to describe my Mum – kind, knowledge-seeking, self-contained, introverted, stubborn, independent, fit, loyal,lovely they are all true. But, the one that resonates most for me is ‘constant’. My Mum has always been in my corner, no matter what. I love her most for that.Its the special dish that bring back fond family memories for Taste of Home.This elegant and enticing brunch is perfect for celebrating Mothers Day – This one goes for you Mom ! Love You 🙂  Continue reading “Mothers Day Special 🙂 Rose Petal Ice Cream”