Malai – Ladoo

Laddu or laddoo are ball-shaped sweets popular in the India. There are variety of laddu Boondi laddu , Besan laddu, coconut laddu , motichur laddu , mawa laddu etc. Today we will learn to make one of my favourite laddu i.e. ” Malai laddu” Its most popular among the kids. Laddu is often prepared for festivals or family events such as weddings and births, or given as a prashad at Hindu temples specially at ” Siddhi Vinayak temple ” Its favourite prashad of Lord Ganesha. I love Laddu & I am extremely happy posting this receipe on “Ganesh Chaturti” .


  1. 4 cups full fat milk, 1 litre
  2. 2.5 tbsp lemon juice or add as required
  3.  5 tbsp powdered sugar
  4. ½ tsp cardamom powder
  5. 1 tsp rose water (optional)
  6. A pinch of saffron strands
  7. 4 to 5 almonds, sliced or chopped for garnish                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Method :
    1. Add 1 litre (4 cups) full fat milk in a thick bottomed pan.
    2. On a low to medium flame simmer the milk till it comes to a boil.

      Let the milk comes to boil
    3. Now add lemon juice to the milk in parts. first add 1 tbsp and stir. if the milk curdles, then no need to add more lemon juice. if the milk does not curdle, then add ½ to 1 tbsp more and stir again.
    4. The entire milk should curdle. Depending on the quality of milk you may need to add more or less. Keep the lemon juice ready with you. I added 2.5 tbsp lemon juice.
    5. After the milk has curdled simmer for 2 minutes more.

      Curdling the milk
    6. Then strain the whey and just keep ⅓ portion of the whey with the coagulated milk solids.
    7. On a low flame keep on simmering the mixture. stir at intervals.
    8. Meanwhile, take 3 tbsp sugar in a small grinder.
    9. Grind to a fine powder.
    10. Simmer till  all the whey dries up. Switch off the flame.
    11. Then add ½ tsp cardamom powder, a few strands of saffron and rose water.

      Adding & mixing the ingredients
    12. Mix well and allow the mixture to cool completely.
    13. Slice or chop 4 to 5 almonds.
    14. Add the powdered sugar. Mix well.

      Adding  the powdered sugar
    15. Spread a bit of ghee in your palms. Take a small or medium portion and shape into round (balls) ladoos.

      Shaping the Ladoos
    16. Place the ladoos or small muffin liners.

      Place the Ladoos on Muffin Liners
    17. Garnish with sliced almonds.

      Garnish it with sliced almonds
    18. Keep in a box and refrigerate for a few hours.
    19. Serve malai ladoo as a sweet.

      Malai – Laddu is ready .

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