Baby Coconut Barfi

Baby Coconut Barfi  is a classic & traditional recipe of an Indian sweet that is prepared during festivals & special occasions like Diwali. It is a simple yet tasty sweet which can be made easily at home.

  1. 200 gms Sugar.
  2. 200 gms Khoya or Mava.
  3. 200 gms of Grated Coconut or Coconut Powder.
  4. 1 tsp Color of your choice.
  5. ½ Glass Water.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Method
    1. In one pan put ½ glass of water and sugar.

      Mixture of sugar and water
    2. Make two (2) thread Chasni or Sugar Syrup.
    3. Put Khoya or Mava in it. Stir it well.

      Adding Mava
    4. Add 200 grams of grated coconut in it. Mix it nicely.

      Adding grated coconut
    5. Divide it into two parts. In one part add color of your choice.

      Adding food colour
    6. Now take a molding plate. Put natural mix in it. On top of it put colored mix.

      Layering the mixture in mould
    7. Cool it down and make cubes.
    8. Store it in an air tight container in fridge.
      Layered Baby Coconut Barfi is ready

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