Basket Chaat

Mini tarts filled with a spicy mixture of sprouts and chutneys. Continue reading “Basket Chaat”


Baked Bread Rolls

This unique recipe has an Oriental touch too, because it is stuffed with noodles perked up with veggies, paneer and Schezuan sauce. Continue reading “Baked Bread Rolls”

Aloo Tikkis

Aloo tikki is a versatile and popular potato preparation, that can be had as it is, or as part of a gravy or a chaat preparation. Cut the tikkis into different shapes  using cookie cutters, to make them look more interesting.! Continue reading “Aloo Tikkis”

Bread Pizza

Bread pizzas are a quick do-it-yourself alternative for regular pizzas. Since most of the ingredients for this open sandwich are common and readily available, you can prepare it quickly any time you want. Just make sure you bake it to perfection and devour it fresh! Continue reading “Bread Pizza”