Turmeric Iced Tea

What do you do when its too hot but you are craving some masala chai. Make Iced Masala Chai! And then since you are a blogger, you amp it up with turmeric milk to make Turmeric Iced Tea ;).

This is a turmeric and spiced version inspired by a Thai Iced tea. Turmeric is a warming and drying spice. Too much tastes bitter and also dries one up. Use to taste preference.

Bring your tea to a boil with the masala chai spices and fresh ginger. Cool and strain. Prepare your turmeric coconut milk, Or use plain coconut milk (let me know what you loved!). Pour tea in a glass full of ice cubes. Pour some turmeric milk. Serve immediately. This tea also works great hot. Add the turmeric coconut milk in the hot tea.




7 thoughts on “Turmeric Iced Tea

    1. You are welcome. It was just something I jotted down with rough directions, and I had no idea this iced tea would become so in demand! So I decided to put it up on the blog here as well for reference — things get buried away so quickly on social media, and I thought since so many were making this recipe or preparing to make it that it would be good to give it a little dedicated spot on the blog too.😉

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