How to make Mawa / Khoya ( Dried whole milk or Thickened Milk )

Khoya recipe is one of the easiest dish to prepare but it is labour intensive. 🙂 You do require a lot patience to allow the milk to thicken with no moisture left. Khoya is pronounced differently in different parts of the country. Down South, khoya in telugu is ‘kova’ or ‘khoa, khoya in tamil, kannada and malayalam is also ‘kova’ and another name for khoya in hindi is mawa especially in western states of India like Rajasthan.

The main and only ingredient to make khoya recipe is full fat milk. Unsweetened khoya is nothing but thick milk solids that are formed by boiling and stirring milk on low flame for a long duration of time. Usually a liter of milk will take more than 2 hours to transform into khoya or mawa. There are three different textures of khoya according to the moisture content that it contains. Khoya in its softest state, with maximum moisture and loose consistency. So lets get started .. 🙂 



(1 cup = 250 ml) 1.25 litres fresh full fat whole milk .

How to make recipe

1. Pour the milk in a large thick bottomed pan and place the pan on the stove top.

2. Bring milk to gentle boil first on a low to medium flame.

3. Then lower the flame and simmer the milk. stir at intervals whilst the milk is simmering.

4. The milk will froth many times, while its being simmered so when you see this happening, with a spatula stir the milk.

5. Scrape the milk solids from the sides and add to the milk.

6. The milk will continue to reduce and thicken as its being simmered on a low flame.

7. A stage will reach when the reduced milk will resemble rabri (an indian sweet).

8. Continue to simmer and stir.

9. Towards the end when the milk has reduced much, you will see bubbles bursting in the reduced milk. at this point continuously stir if you don’t then the reduced milk will get browned or burnt the bubbles are due to moisture in the milk.

10. When you see no bubbles in the reduced milk, its time to switch off the flame. It took me 2 hours and 8 minutes overall on a low flame.

11. With a spatula, scrape the milk solids from the sides and add these to the bowl. Cover the bowl and let the khoya cool at room temperature. then you can refrigerate it.

12. Add this homemade khoya or mawa as required while making various indian sweets or indian curries. You can use it in making mawa kulfi too 🙂



11 thoughts on “How to make Mawa / Khoya ( Dried whole milk or Thickened Milk )

  1. Hello Dear shreyu,
    Tried this recipe yesterday for the first time & it came out exactly the same as shown in pics here. Thank u so much. Please share some more recipes of ladoos & barfi made with khoya which can be prepared on any festivals

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi
    I tried this khoya recipe today for my lauki halwa and it came out fantastic. This is the first time I made khoya. Thank you for the recipes. I have tried some of them till now and they were loved by my family. Your pics really help in the process of cooking. Please keep adding more recipes along with the pics. I really depend on the pics a lot.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes i always post it with a picture and with specific instructions so that it becomes clear and easy for you to follow. I am so happy that your family loved it. Thank you


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