Popsicle Stick Frame

I was asked by one of my friend , to come up with some cute craft projects . I came up with two different cute crafts  to choose from. One of the two was a Popsicle stick frame. I have included my pictures below on the assembly as well :

Popsicle sticks have been the latest obsession 😊
There is so much to do with these.
These frames are absolutely adorable! ❤️

Step 1: Start with two sticks on top and two on bottom

Step 2: Glue down one stick to either side

Step 3: Cut a stick down to 1/4 its usual size and glue to the inner stick on the bottom

Step 4: Glue down one stick parallel to each of the inner sticks from Step 1, placing glue dots on either side and along the small stick from Step 3 .

You could choose to use the natural wood sticks if you want a more earthy look to your frame, or you could go wild and pick out the colorful sticks that come in all the colors of the rainbow eles you can paint the sticks with your favourite colour .

The construction of the frame was ingenious and because of how the stand and frame are built, the frame can be used for a picture that is either portrait or landscape. If you have a picture in mind before you begin, you will better know how to decorate your frame (and where to put that little 1/4 stick, which is what holds the picture in place).

Decorating is where the fun begins ! Well i have some Red & White beautiful flowers and kundans to decorate the frame. These frames are absolutely adorable! ❤️ See the final look 🙂





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