Vibrant Home

Our today’s home tour is a giant step away from any ordinary one . A home where esthetics are defined by its youthful energy and bursting bold colors, that will leave you audibly gasped, just like me. 

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Ethnic Eclectic Home

Hello Decor Enthusiasts!!

Let me tell you that how true is the quote that “Your home is a reflection of where your heart is even when you are not there, There is an aura when you step into someone’s home that can not be described.” Dear folks, I bring to you the home tour of one my friend and her home is totally gorgeous, stunning, vibrant and happy place. 🙂

You may call it  ‘An Orange Home’,  ‘A Traveller’s Canvas’ or ‘An Ethnic Indian Nest’….whatever may be, but it is just like that!

amar chobi 162.JPG

IMG_6356 - Copy (2)

..for colours and warmth..



In recent years pure silver yarns are replaced by synthetic yarns…
floral and animal motifs are commonly used…
Some of  Rajasthani Handicraft collections..
my pics 034.JPG


my favourite corner…


Are you looking for some ‘Ethnic Indian Inspiration(s)’ ?



Amar ghar-Singapore 033 - Copy (3).JPG

Colours of India….and a Diwali moment.


Those lovely and lively, colour full, vibrant days. Till now I can feel the warmth…and miss it terribly at the same time.

As per ancient Hindu rituals  we worship Goddess Lakshmi….The Goddess of Wealth . The humble nest is slowly getting ready for the festival…The Festival of Lights….Shubh Deepavali.
On this very auspicious day of ‘Dhanteras  We welcome The Goddess with complete devotion….:)

Here, some Ethnic Indian Decor tips on ‘Dhanteras’ and Diwali or Deepavali….!!!….The Goddess is coming…:)

dhanterash 014 (2).JPG


dhanterash 003.JPG

With footprints of Goddess Lakshmi, Lakshmi’s pot, fresh flowers, faux gold coins, traditional earthen diyas, loads of copper and brass puja articles, a pot full of kumkum we welcoming her !! Let the festivities begin..:)
new dhanterash 007 (1).JPG
dhanterash 002
dhanterash 003.JPG
May The Goddess bless us with health, wealth, prosperity and bliss….!!..:) 
dhanterash 028.JPG


Women’s Day – DIY ( Happy #We day ) 😉👩

Can you imagine a life without women ? In fact there will be no life without women.👩

Happy women’s day to all the precious ladies in this world. It is one of the most special day for all the women. So all the ladies take some “me” time for you today. Do your most favourite thing today. Eat the best dish you like. Take some rest.Watch your favourite movie. Live the day happily for yourself. Meet and wish all the ladies you have known ! Those you can’t meet send your wishes to them. Continue reading “Women’s Day – DIY ( Happy #We day ) 😉👩”