Vibrant Home

Our today’s home tour is a giant step away from any ordinary one . A home where esthetics are defined by its youthful energy and bursting bold colors, that will leave you audibly gasped, just like me. 

I, being one Buddha fan, fell in love the moment I clapped my eyes on family’s brilliant collection of Buddha and decided to kick start the tour with their grand collection curated from around the globe.
Colors absolutely thrill me and unique and daring décor choices with interplay of color throughout the home.
Art passion overrode home is loaded down with the masterful use of colors, patterns and textures creating a calm, carefree and expressive space that blends arts and souvenirs.
The bold and brimming living room is willingly given a lick of vivid emerald green accent wall to hang  art work. Hint of pride declaring about that lamp which is a DIY from a tripod stand.
A shopping freak and an avid antique collector, draws inspiration from travel life and has managed to pull together polished look not only in the corners of the home but also in personal jewellery collection.
Effortlessly alters the look of this open concept living room by using removable covers for sofas.
Striking color palette and interplay of different tones makes her open concept living room alive and engaging.
The influence of ART has steered  interest in kicking up quite a few projects.
The idea of exploring local markets on their every vacation and many memories of travel life has been scattered around home.
Comes away enchanted by the travel vibe and has collected pieces from Indonesia,Africa Japan, USA, Thailand, Malaysia, and of course India, which her home truly reflects!
For success in home life and often loves to loose in a world stitched together in art and DIY. A new spin to old bottles by coloring or painting on them. Few of them are given the creative freedom and set as a lamp also.
Opted for the bank of windows that frame the beautiful sea-facing view outside, where nature can be observed in its complete glory throughout the day and breezy evening.
Before we conclude today’s home tour, I have to share few more corners of style savvy of previous home. We get plenty of more opportunity to play around with decor. As you may notice many personal treasures have followed  from her previous home of Kuala Lumpur, displaying  life.
And as we wrap up this home tour cribbing few notes from steer clear decor, hope you would also take a leaf from  tasteful and generous collective home.
“I don’t see boundaries between styles, such as modern or contemporary. I’ve collected each piece from a different experience or period of my life.”

2 thoughts on “Vibrant Home

  1. Wow, lots of color. You mentioned couch covers….I was going to ask if they actually had 3 couch sets 🙂 I love all the beautiful collections and decorations. I wouldn’t want to have to dust it all…but it is all so alive and vibrant!

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