Liebster Award

Hello Friends,  Hope you guys had a great weekend! It’s been probably 9 months since I started publishing posts on bite me up with shreyuand it’s been a great experience so far. I feel really happy that I still have the same enthusiasm from day one and this has been possible only because of the overwhelming support you guys have given me. I can’t thank enough my fellow bloggers and I hope you will continue to support me 🙂 Continue reading “Liebster Award”


Blog-Aholic Award

Hello everyone ! I’m back with another award. It’s unbelievable that I am getting back to back awards and I’m thankful for it! I’m very honoured to announce that I’ve been nominated for the ” Blog-Aholic Award “ by Kate. I want to start off this post by thanking the lovely lady kate for nominating me for this fantastic award ! If you are just as obsessed with Travelling as kate  than you should definitely go and check out her blog!An american girl you will surely love it ! 🙂 Continue reading “Blog-Aholic Award”

Awesome Blogger Award

A couple of weeks ago I was nominated for the awesome blogger award. I am very honored. I’m really humbled that  my fellow blogger Maria has nominated me. Her writing is thought-provoking, powerful, and she writes from the heart. She is a food & fashion blogger. A truly creative writer ! I am so  happy and honored to be nominated for the “#Awesome Blogger Award ” by an amazing, energetic and enthusiastic blogger  Maria from The Fashionista Cook I am so grateful and thank her for honoring me with such a nice gesture. Do checkout her blog and give it a follow if you are not already doing so , you will absolutely love it! Thank you again for the nomination! 🙂

Continue reading “Awesome Blogger Award”