Colourful Planter – DIY

Colors, colors  and colors, It makes me crave having more living plants and flowers around my house — inside and out!  I do have some pots that I have used year after year but I have been thinking it would be nice to change them up a bit. So how about recycling em’ ? I’ve added few colors to my garden by recycling em actually this was in my mind for quite long time now and finally did it. I painted planters in different colours and added floral motif to break the monotony.

So I rounded up some of my favorite ideas…..and I thought maybe some of you would like using some as your home decor too !!

Don’t they look lovely ? 🙂

I used enamel paint as a base coat and for details acrylic paint as a top coat.

All these from my side what you are upto friends….. let me know !!
Happy weekend and stay creative my friends!! 🙂


Women’s Day – DIY ( Happy #We day ) 😉👩

Can you imagine a life without women ? In fact there will be no life without women.👩

Happy women’s day to all the precious ladies in this world. It is one of the most special day for all the women. So all the ladies take some “me” time for you today. Do your most favourite thing today. Eat the best dish you like. Take some rest.Watch your favourite movie. Live the day happily for yourself. Meet and wish all the ladies you have known ! Those you can’t meet send your wishes to them. Continue reading “Women’s Day – DIY ( Happy #We day ) 😉👩”

Festival Tags – Get Inspired this Uttrayan !

Let your creativity soar this Makar Sankranti OR Uttrayan with these perfect DIY Craft ! These kiting ideas are guaranteed to elicit peals of laughter and fun and are perfect ways for kids to experience the spirit of Sankranti. Save a trip to a fancy art store with this DIY craft, which will have you and your family making stunning kites from scratch.

Here’s a simple and fun paper kite Maker that is perfect as well as useful.

    Things Required: 
  1. Empty Cereal Box or any cardstock paper
  2. A Satin Ribbon
  3. Glue
  4. Marker pens                                                                                                               
  • Cut the cardstock into 2 identical kite shapes.
  • Cut the satin ribbon into a strip.
  • Place the ribbon between 2 diamond shapes and glue them all together.
  • Use a marker pen and draw any design you like.
  • Take a satin ribbon and tie it at the end

    Festival tag is ready 🙂



    Ready to use DIY Festival Tags


    This is how it looks when i used it as Tag 🙂


    k4                                                                                                                                                        k6.jpg                                                                                                                                                          ” Dont Go with the Flow , Be the Flow “

Try out this different design bookmarker


Recycled – Placemates

As this month I am focusing on empty spaces, here is a DIY idea to turn drab looking bamboo placemats into fab ones. Here is a easy & quick way to dress up some placemates First, I figured out that the color of the placemats has to be changed and secondly I didn’t like the plain look of them so something extra has to be added to the placemats. Do you want to see…have a look! Okay! now let’s get started with today’s DIY. Continue reading “Recycled – Placemates”

African/ Jute Planter – DIY

It’s Create and Share day!   This month, i decided to use rope!  Check out this amazing rope project being shared today at the end of my post.  You will definitely find a project you love.  I decided to create a DIY Inspired African Jute Planter!  This DIY  jute planter is so easy to create. 

Continue reading “African/ Jute Planter – DIY”

DIY – Printable Pun Cards

This collection of beautifully hand illustrated cards  are a wonderful way to express your love and support to all the special people in your life. Sometimes when you need to express your feelings for that special person,  these cute pun cards will help you out… 🙂

Express yourself  add some humor to your life with these deliciously risque cards. Continue reading “DIY – Printable Pun Cards”

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DIY – Owl Planter & Pen Stand

I saw tiny clay pots kept on my kitchen window sill and the same night I saw owls made of those tiny clay pots in my dream. Next day without giving it a second thought and without any planning I just started making owl planters and viola!!! the result was awesome. See here they are :



Hobby ideas Shilpkar/M-seal
Carving knife/ craft knife

       Talcum powder
       Plastic sheet
       Clay pots (any size)
       Acrylic paint
       Paint brush
1. First wash the clay pots thoroughly and let it dry. Now You can apply a coat of varnish  inside the pot to seal it.

2. Now prime the outside of the pot with white acrylic paint and let it dry. In below image you can see Hobby Ideas Shilpkar. It contains two packets, one is resin and the other is hardener. Take equal amount of both resin and hardener and mix them well.
3. Keep the plastic sheet on working area and dust it with talcum powder to avoid Shilpkar clay sticking to sheet. Now take a small amount of clay, put it on sheet and roll it out as shown in below image. For rolling you can use pen or pencil.
4. As I didn’t have a carving knife I used a craft knife to give shape and cut the clay. Though the carving doesn’t look neat when you use a craft knife. You can use something else like a toothpick, empty ball pen or anything else that can solve the purpose better.
5. Made two carved parts (left and right) and joined them. Then I took a small amount of clay, made beak of the owl and pasted it on carved clay. Now gently pick up the clay and paste it on the pot.
6.  I made two different kinds of owls. It was hard to make features of Peter so I went easy on making Paul and gave it a simple look. When it is dried prime it too.


7. Now the last thing is to paint it in your desired colour and let it dry. You can give a protective coat of varnish if you wish.  It’s done!!!

You can see the before and after of my tiny clay pots in the image below.

Stay tuned!!In my next Blog Post, I will be posting about my workspace makeover.
Till then connect with me here.

Glass Bottle DIY

Before selling out for anything expensive, I always ask myself, is it really necessary for me to decorate my home with that particular stuff and if the answer is no I will never buy that stuff. I would rather love to make handmade decor pieces that will not only add the desired charm to my space but will also tell a story. But if the piece is extraordinary then it definitely comes home with me. Continue reading “Glass Bottle DIY”

DIY – Coconut Shell Planter

I have recycled so many things and turned them into beautiful planters and brush/ pen holders . All my readers liked them so much that they wanted me to share. So sharing it today!!

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DIY – Painted Rock

Well, after spending few hours there in my garden re- potting, manuring, pruning and dead heading, not only my garden looks neat, clean and reinvigorated  now but it was a soothing and therapeutic for me too.

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