Forms Of Indian Art

India is the land of arts and crafts. Almost every region has its own traditional form of art that includes drawings, paintings, embroideries, carvings, saris and more. We’re really blessed to be born in a country with so much diversity in this space.

In today’s world where we are busy adopting westernization, somewhere we forget to cherish the old Indian Art forms that deserve attention and need to be recognized by this generation. So here are some of the most beautiful all types of  “Traditional Indian Art Forms”!

Passed down from one generation to another, Indian folk art is still alive in almost every parts of the country. Being culturally diverse and distinct, a variety of art forms have evolved over the years.Each depict religious epics or Gods and Goddesses mostly, but they’re all unique, admirable and inimitable in their own might.

India bleeds of creativity! From dance, music, movies, to art, our country is rich in cultural heritage and home to numerous forms of art. Hence, we decided to learn all about this rich culture, and dove deep into understanding the essence of forms of art practiced in different parts of the country.

Indian Types of Art Forms :

  1. Madhubani
  2. Miniature Paintings
  3. Phad
  4. Warli
  5. Gond Art
  6. Kalamkari
  7. Tanjore
  8. Bhil
  9. Patua
  10. Pattachitra
  11. Maru – Gurjar
  12. Cheriyal – Scrolls
  13. Kalighat – Paintings
  14. Thanvajur
  15. Pithora
  16. Puppetry
  17. Manjusha – Art
  18. Dhokra Art
  19. Ikat
  20. Lippan Work
  21. Mural Paintings
  22. Mithila Paintings

You can definitely explore each one of them in details in my upcoming post 🙂