Baked Carrot Fingure Fries 🍟

There is no need to sacrifice flavor for healthiness with these vitamin-packed, Healthy Baked Carrot Fingure Fries! These carrot fries are loaded with all the health benefits of carrots and all of the tastiness of fries – that’s a win-win in my book! 🙂 They are baked and not fried !  But they taste fried ! Guilt-free, and fried-free, fries that  taste like delicious sweet potato fries!  Hurray ! Continue reading “Baked Carrot Fingure Fries 🍟”


Makar Sankranti / Uttrayan – Kites to Bonfire the various flavours of Makar Sankranti all over India

The date 14th January, everyone eagerly waits for it. An auspicious occasion i.e. Makar Sankranti is celebrated on this day at various places of India with different names and significance but with high spirit. It’s an important festival of the Hindus. Continue reading “Makar Sankranti / Uttrayan – Kites to Bonfire the various flavours of Makar Sankranti all over India”

Paper Kites – Let’s Fly High 🎈

My girls are on watch for a windy day perfect for Uttaryan. Until then, we have some colourful paper kites decorating on windows .This is a super-easy, no mess crafts great for little ones and big kids as well ! Continue reading “Paper Kites – Let’s Fly High 🎈”

Festival Tags – Get Inspired this Uttrayan !

Let your creativity soar this Makar Sankranti OR Uttrayan with these perfect DIY Craft ! These kiting ideas are guaranteed to elicit peals of laughter and fun and are perfect ways for kids to experience the spirit of Sankranti. Save a trip to a fancy art store with this DIY craft, which will have you and your family making stunning kites from scratch.

Here’s a simple and fun paper kite Maker that is perfect as well as useful.

    Things Required: 
  1. Empty Cereal Box or any cardstock paper
  2. A Satin Ribbon
  3. Glue
  4. Marker pens                                                                                                               
  • Cut the cardstock into 2 identical kite shapes.
  • Cut the satin ribbon into a strip.
  • Place the ribbon between 2 diamond shapes and glue them all together.
  • Use a marker pen and draw any design you like.
  • Take a satin ribbon and tie it at the end
    Festival tag is ready 🙂


    Ready to use DIY Festival Tags


    This is how it looks when i used it as Tag 🙂


    k4                                                                                                                                                        k6.jpg                                                                                                                                                          ” Dont Go with the Flow , Be the Flow “

Try out this different design bookmarker


Til Chikki – ( Caramelized Seasame Seeds )

Til Papdi or caramelized sesame seeds is a sweet prepared in India for the winter festivals like Makar Sankranti, Pongal, Lohri etc. Variety of sesame seed sweets are made and exchanged in various parts of India during winters and especially for the festivals of Sankranti/Lohri.

The names of the festivals and the way they are celebrated differs throughout the country. Only practice common is to eat sesame seeds on the festival day. Sesame seeds are high in iron and calcium and also helps in lowering cholesterol levels. Roasting the sesame seeds lightly adds the crunch to til papdi.

Continue reading “Til Chikki – ( Caramelized Seasame Seeds )”


Crostini, a classic combination of bread, olive oil and tomatoes which has been enjoyed for hundreds of years, is also called “bruschetta” around rome. Although unique to italy, similar toasts are eaten in greece, france and in particular spain. Good bruschetta relies on the quality of the olive oil and the amount of tomatoes used.Cubes of firm ripe red tomatoes marinated in olive oil, combined with fresh aromatic basil leaves topped on crispy bruschetta, are starters that can liven up any dinner party!

Continue reading “Bruschetta”

Cheese Corn Balls

Just the mention of corn and cheese makes this starter worth a try, because this duo is a great hit with people of all age groups. Allow the peppy, cheesy corn mixture to cool well, otherwise you will not be able to shape it. Once that step is through, then the Corn Cheese Balls are easy to prepare. You will love the crisp, golden coloured appearance of this starter, which comes out so perfectly thanks to the coating of bread crumbs. It is so visually appealing and scrumptious to bite into that this item will be wiped off in no time  tough competition for the other starters you serve ! Continue reading “Cheese Corn Balls”

Recycled – Placemates

As this month I am focusing on empty spaces, here is a DIY idea to turn drab looking bamboo placemats into fab ones. Here is a easy & quick way to dress up some placemates First, I figured out that the color of the placemats has to be changed and secondly I didn’t like the plain look of them so something extra has to be added to the placemats. Do you want to see…have a look! Okay! now let’s get started with today’s DIY. Continue reading “Recycled – Placemates”

African/ Jute Planter – DIY

It’s Create and Share day!   This month, i decided to use rope!  Check out this amazing rope project being shared today at the end of my post.  You will definitely find a project you love.  I decided to create a DIY Inspired African Jute Planter!  This DIY  jute planter is so easy to create. 

Continue reading “African/ Jute Planter – DIY”

Wall Hanging – Tribal Mask

Masks are among the most archaic and universal forms of sculpture. Found across a vast number of cultures and eras.

Lovers of tribal art can take a wonderful stop tour to this historic indigenous art post. The diversity of various ethnic cultures will be shown here. All objects on offer have been used in ceremonial dances, in rituals of ancestral worship or in everyday life.

Things Required :

Mould and Paint Mask ( Blister Mould )




Plaster of Paris

Acrylic Colours


Do it :

Mix Plaster of Paris in a bowl with Water ( Approx)

Make a Smooth Paste

Pour this Slurry in the Mould & let it dry for 45 mins or for an hour

D-mould it

The next step is to Paint it. ( I made a tribal face )

Make a small hole at the center of the mask.

Insert the string in the hole and now you are ready to go .

Now it the time to place it as Wall Decor .



See how beautiful it looks as wall decor 🙂 To make it look even more ethinic and historical i placed a puppet on the other side. 🙂 Stay Tuned for the next post.