Sparkle your Diwali with Exotic Sweets.

A sudden chill in the air and a smell of festivity you cannot help but rejoice in. Yes! Diwali is round the corner and dozens of preparations are stacking their way to your place.Since Diwali is just around the corner .. I guess most of you must be busy cleaning,shopping,thinking of sweets & savories to prepare… Right ? Let me help you a bit.Here i am listing all the ” Easy Deepavali Sweets and Savories”  under one page for easy reference…. !! What are you waiting for ? Check out the Receipes and Sparkle Your Diwali with top 5 exotic sweets. 🙂

1. Chocolaty Fulzadi  –  Click here for the Receipe.     

2. Punjabi Milk Fudge –   Click here for the Receipe

3.  Gulkand Peda   –   Click here for the Receipe

4.  Pista Choco Roll   –   Click here for the Receipe.

5.  Pink Paneer Truffles – Click here for the Receipe.