Grape Nector

Grape Nector Overcome the summer with this drink


  • 6 lychees
  • 6 lemon chunks
  • 20ml sugar syrup
  • Crushed Ice
  • A bunch of fresh black grapes (to yield about 120ml of juice)

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Watermelon & Mint Slushie

Watermelon mint slushi – It definitely feels like hot, Summer weather around here ! So I have been making a conscious effort to up my water intake. Of course, this is way healthier than a convenient store Slushie

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Strawberry Pineapple Punch

This is a winner during strawberry season! pineapple juice adds a touch of tartness to the colourful berries and you may need to adjust the sugar to taste. Continue reading “Strawberry Pineapple Punch”

Grape Margarita

Grape margarita, the sweet yet tart flavour of grapes is enhanced when combined with strawberries. This mocktail is so named because of the margarita glass it is served in. Continue reading “Grape Margarita”

Turmeric Iced Tea

What do you do when its too hot but you are craving some masala chai. Make Iced Masala Chai! And then since you are a blogger, you amp it up with turmeric milk to make Turmeric Iced Tea ;). Continue reading “Turmeric Iced Tea”

Orange Cream Floats

Long weekend coming up and some hot hot weather. It is time to host picnics, parties, potlucks and what not
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Orange & Strawberry Flamingo

Fruity flavours, especially tangy ones, always succeed in refreshing us even when we are too tired and restless. This citrusy juice is one such peppy treat, which you will love. There is a fabulous synergy between the three fruits, resulting in a really memorable juice with the sweet scent of strawberry.  Continue reading “Orange & Strawberry Flamingo”

Party Shots

If strawberries are in season, this drink has to be on the table! juicy fresh strawberries are combined with orange juice and garnished with a strawberry fan. It is a perfect drink to serve at fine dining parties, thanks to its charming look ! Continue reading “Party Shots”

Mint Muddle

Mint Muddle , although very simple and easy-to-make, this mocktail is not to be underestimated in terms of its taste and popularity! This is all-time favourite can be whipped up in a jiffy. The real charm of this drink lies in the bitter aftertaste that is due to the muddling of fresh lemons along with other ingredients. Continue reading “Mint Muddle”

Pinky Lemonade

This drink features a perfect blend of soothing rose syrup and peppy lemon juice, with mint leaves for added zing. These brilliant flavours are topped with chilled soda to make a thoroughly refreshing Pinky Lemonade. Continue reading “Pinky Lemonade”