Christmas – Festival Of Joy & Peace

The Lights of Christmas Festival brings families together.

Every year, Christmas is celebrated on December 25 to commemorate the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ. This auspicious occasion is a prime festival of Christian community and hence, is celebrated zestfully around the world. Christmas conveys his message of love, tolerance and brotherhood. Though, it is a religious festival of Christians, it has a special significance in everyone’s life. In India, Christmas is widely celebrated by the people of all religions and communities. December 25 or Christmas Day is a public Holiday in India.

The festival of Christmas reflects the cultural unity of India as on this auspicious occasion, the whole nation comes together and celebrates the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ. This cultural unity sets an excellent example of brotherhood and humanism. British and European invaders brought Christianity into India and now it has become an integral part of the country. The doctrines and philosophy of Christianity has attracted people of many sections and hence, India has a large population of Christian community at present.

Customs & Tradition

Christmas brings love and happiness into the family. This is the occasion, when friends and family members gather at one place and celebrate the bond of togetherness with love. Being the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ, this festival has a great significance in Christianity. On the day of Christmas, prayers are offered to the almighty at the Church in a traditional manner.

Midnight mass is a very important service for Christians in India, especially Catholics. The whole family will walk to the mass and this will be followed by a massive feast of different delicacies, and the giving and receiving of presents. Churches in India are decorated with flowers and candles for the Christmas Eve Midnight Mass . Here i am sharing the picture of Mount Mary Church Mumbai.








On the occasion of Christmas, people in India decorate banana or mango tress instead of traditional pine tree and also light up their homes through small clay lamps or candles, just as Hindus do during the celebration of Diwali. Churches across India are decorated with poinsettia flowers for the midnight mass. As a part of celebration, people exchange gifts on this auspicious day and donate of money to poor people so as to bring happiness in their lives. South India has large population of Christians and hence, it witnesses wide celebration of Christmas. The most visited place during Christmas in India is Goa, where people from across the world come to celebrate Christmas .


Christians often put small oil burning clay lamps on the flat roofs of their homes to show their neighbors that Jesus is the light of the world. 


On Christmas Eve, Christians in Goa hang out giant paper lanterns, in the shape of stars, between the houses so that the stars float above you as you walk down the road. After the meal, Christians head to Church for a Midnight mass service. After the service the church bells ring to announce that Christmas Day has arrived.
  In South West India, in the state of Kerala Were, 22% of the state’s 33 Million population are Christians and Christmas is an important festival. Traditional Catholics fast don’t eat from 1st to 24th of December – until the midnight service. Every house will be decorated with a Christmas star. During the start of the Christmas season, almost all the stationary shops will be filled with new and variety Christmas stars. People make cribs in their homes and Churches. Here are the glimpses of Cribs and decorations

Night View of the Crib :



Few More Cribs that i visited this year : 





Christmas cakes are traditionally eaten on Christmas Eve.Food plays an important part in any celebration. The pattern of food depends on the mode of celebration. During Christmas celebration, cakes and cookies have crucial role to create the right ambience for the occasion. The event of Christmas is very special occasion for all of us, especially for children. Santa Clause, known in some countries as Father Christmas, brings joy , he dances ,distributes sweets and gifts to children at Christmas time.




This is all about Christmas Eve. 🙂 Merry Christmas to all of you . Have a blessed year ahead 🎅🎅🎅


Twinkling Glow Up Your Christmas – Canvas Art

Today I get to share with you this adorable DIY  that arrived at my door step a few days ago ! The Christmas decorating season has officially begun and I am so excited to show you my projects of the year – This twinkling Glow up Christmas canvas Art. Continue reading “Twinkling Glow Up Your Christmas – Canvas Art”

Tea – Light Fairies

When I imagine Christmas, I always think of Christmas trees, twinkly lights, and fairies. I thought you all would appreciate today’s DIY too !  These little tea – light fairies are super sweet and simple to make. Perfect for adding a bit of holiday cheer during the day and giving your home a lovely warm and cozy glow at night. Continue reading “Tea – Light Fairies”

Eggless Chocochip Cookies

Cookies are a must to complete the Christmas experience. They are also a wonderful jar snack to have at home, to appease your sweet tooth as well as sudden hunger pangs. And, what better flavour of cookie to make than chocolaty ones! Here is the perfect recipe to make delightful Eggless Chocolate Cookies, which have an ideal melt-in-the-mouth texture and the sweet scent of vanilla, speckled with chocolate chips, which will add more joy to every bite.

These eggless cookies can be served plain or used as toppings on ice cream or on pudding.  Continue reading “Eggless Chocochip Cookies”

Paper Cup Lights ❤️

The festive season is well and truly upon us and what better way to celebrate than with a crafty Christmas lights DIY to get you in the party mood. Forget spending a fortune on fancy materials and go with this cute DIY .

So with that in mind, we’ve created these super cool and super easy paper cup fairy lights and the best part about them ?  They took us less than ten minutes to make! So all you’ll need are a few paper cups, maker pen , paper glitters and of course a string of our gorgeous fairy lights to create your very own DIY Christmas Paper Cup Fairy Lights .

So friends ” Lets Shine Onn” with this Christmas 🙂


Continue reading “Paper Cup Lights ❤️”

Twinkle Light Branch

If you are like our family and are already decorating or thinking about decorating for this special time of year, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite Christmas decor ideas. I hope these pictures give you a few ideas and inspire you as much as they do me !

When it comes to the holiday season, we think of family, food, and decor. Read on to find out how easy it is to add a little sparkle to your holiday home decor !

I decided to pay homage to my love of natural elements with pretty much the most natural element around — a branch from outside ! Painted and strung in twinkle lights, this branch became a stunning, and standout, addition to my room!

Things Required :


Acrylic Colour ( white) Or Spray Paint (white )

Paint Brush

Fairy Lights ( Party or Wedding ones thin ones )


Pom Pom

Craft Paper


Do It :

First, gather branches and remove all leaves and broken sprigs. Collect branches regardless of size or shape. You may be surprised by what you find useful!

Next, choose where you will put your piece. Is it going to hang over a coffee table? Your kitchen table? Want to make a room decor  or dress the middle of your dining table? This will dictate the size and shape of the branches used.

Place your branches where they will lay or hang and cut them to fit that space.Paint your branch with white paint (you could also spray-paint!) and let dry fully.


Now , Stick the ready made pom – pom and stick it with glue in the each branch randomly.


Place your piece with fairy lights. Unravel your LED lights and start to wind them around the branch you have, making sure to leave length at the bottom so they can be plugged into the nearest outlet ! I am so excited to show you how this simple and easy DIY has enhanced the look of my room.
And I am so sure that many of you will definitely going to try this DIY.


I added butterflies to make it even more beautiful 🙂 Check out the swirls, they make butterflies look pretty natural. I know I know….you are just too desperate to try your hands on it. Well go ahead, make this beautiful  dry branch for yourself and don’t forget to share the picture with me 🙂 Enjoy stay tuned for the next post 🙂