Women’s Day – DIY ( Happy #We day ) 😉👩

Can you imagine a life without women ? In fact there will be no life without women.👩

Happy women’s day to all the precious ladies in this world. It is one of the most special day for all the women. So all the ladies take some “me” time for you today. Do your most favourite thing today. Eat the best dish you like. Take some rest.Watch your favourite movie. Live the day happily for yourself. Meet and wish all the ladies you have known ! Those you can’t meet send your wishes to them. Continue reading “Women’s Day – DIY ( Happy #We day ) 😉👩”


Paper Kites – Let’s Fly High 🎈

My girls are on watch for a windy day perfect for Uttaryan. Until then, we have some colourful paper kites decorating on windows .This is a super-easy, no mess crafts great for little ones and big kids as well ! Continue reading “Paper Kites – Let’s Fly High 🎈”

Popsicle Stick Frame

I was asked by one of my friend , to come up with some cute craft projects . I came up with two different cute crafts  to choose from. One of the two was a Popsicle stick frame. I have included my pictures below on the assembly as well :

Popsicle sticks have been the latest obsession 😊
There is so much to do with these.
These frames are absolutely adorable! ❤️ Continue reading “Popsicle Stick Frame”