How make Jain Tomato Sauce & Preserve.

Being Jain Basically, onions and garlics are avoided (although i am not following it strickly in context to food ) but yet my this recipe excludes Onion and Garlic .I always prefer ” NO Onion No Garlic”  sauce.

Miki, my brother loves tomato sauce…he needs sauce for bread rolls, cutlets, samosas, puffs, pizzas etc etc…..and that’s how I started  making homemade sauce….I think it was way back in 2000 that I started making “Pickles, Chutneys, And Preserves” and got hooked to simple homemade Tomato Sauce recipe. Since Miki, cannot do without sauce and I did not want to pump him with store brought sauce with all the preservatives, colours, emulsifiers. I follow my recipe completely and Miki always says this taste better than store brought ones….! So come and lets get started 🙂 Continue reading “How make Jain Tomato Sauce & Preserve.”


How to make Mawa / Khoya ( Dried whole milk or Thickened Milk )

Khoya recipe is one of the easiest dish to prepare but it is labour intensive. 🙂 You do require a lot patience to allow the milk to thicken with no moisture left. Khoya is pronounced differently in different parts of the country. Down South, khoya in telugu is ‘kova’ or ‘khoa, khoya in tamil, kannada and malayalam is also ‘kova’ and another name for khoya in hindi is mawa especially in western states of India like Rajasthan.

The main and only ingredient to make khoya recipe is full fat milk. Unsweetened khoya is nothing but thick milk solids that are formed by boiling and stirring milk on low flame for a long duration of time. Usually a liter of milk will take more than 2 hours to transform into khoya or mawa. There are three different textures of khoya according to the moisture content that it contains. Khoya in its softest state, with maximum moisture and loose consistency. So lets get started .. 🙂  Continue reading “How to make Mawa / Khoya ( Dried whole milk or Thickened Milk )”